This is a story of a girl

Who felt she can conquer the world.

Her name is Crystal;

Like the shimmering stones,

Like the clear, fragile glass,

Like the powder white sand

Glistening under the summer sun.


Crystal in her quest

Discovered this:

To conquer the world you must

Feel but not too much,

Be kind but not too much,

Love but not too much.

Laughters she will take

Like children with chocolate cake.

But drown your sorrows in the sea;

Chain them with your pen,

Not a teardrop

Dare you let her see.


In this story there’s a man

Who felt he can love anyone.

But his name–

There is none.

Like foxes in the night

He runs.

Like the north wind

Bringing chills down the spine;

Felt but unseen;

Faceless, nameless.


Upon the earth they glide;

Walking in silent strides;

Unknowingly they arrive;

Where their souls met eye to eye.

“You are a woman

As good as they will ever come.”

Mesmerized, says the man.

And he offered her the world

But the world was not his to give.


Crystal in her quest

Learned this:

The world is not to be conquered;

It is to be shared.

So she told the man,

“Give me a piece of the earth

To call home.

Adventure I need not seek;

By your side is where I belong.”

With love he answered her,

“Sail through the deep, calm waters of my heart.

Lay down your anchor

For I will be your safe harbor.”

And the light shined upon his face,

She saw him.

And with every breath she takes,

She calls his name.


We hum the rhythm of happy endings

But the words are escaping.

For not all shimmering stones

Are perfectly polished diamonds;

Clear, fragile glasses

Reveal cracks up close;

The sand will not glisten on winter sky;

And the treasure chest,

Even on pirate ship,

Can be heavy a load.

In the words of the man

“You are too good a woman.”

“Too good.”


She offered him her world

But her world was not his to take.

“You are too good a woman.”

“Too good, too much.”


Like foxes in the night

He runs.

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